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I found a stash of other intermission ads from drive ins. The reason I was interested in this particular one was because it had an anti-daylight saving time thing in it. And yes, I hate daylight saving time. :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW1VluGucyI
I'm with you on the daylight savings things. I've got several DVD's andVHS tapes I've purchaced of EBay to build my collection. Many of the drive-in ads available are poor quality. In the video link you sent me you might notice the background in the "Come Early" segment. It is from a better copy of that segment I got the background for the animation I posted.
wow your work is great and was just like when it played at the drive-in. I am no where in your league of technical knowledge, so I glad that I found your blog. I plan to check often for your informative posts. Thank you for sharing your capabilities.
Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully the dvd will be finished next year sometime. I've got the first 6 minutes done now and there is still lot's to do.