Wasted Trip

Got up at 3am to go to a meeting in Hayward today. Got stuck in traffic and was an hour late to the meeting. That was ok except they didn't really expect me to come down from the Redding area. When they said "All" the full-time techs they didn't single me out and say you don't have to come. So I was there about 30 min and drove back. The good news is that it's still light out and still time to get something accomplished.

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In my case, a trip to the office involves getting on an
airplane. As a result, I always ask before I show up at the office, even if they say "everyone must attend such-and-such." It saves a lot of time and a lot of hassle. Might not be a bad idea in your case, either, especially since you have so much driving to do as it is.
The meeting had the potential of meeting with my boss and his boss and his bosses boss. Way out here in the trenches the seem to forget who we are and what we do. The waste was from the fact the meeting started at 8am and I was about an hour late. Normally, I do ask but not in this case.
My guess is that my boss would have been asked who is that guy who came in late and he would have replied that it's Michael Welch who handles the remote Redding area and does a fantastic job for us.
So potentially, it may have not been a wasted trip