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exerpt from WserverNews by Sunbelt Software Nov 20 2006
IE7 Rejected By FBI

InfoWorld has a "gossip" journalist that had an item this week that I thought was immensely entertaining so I'm sending you a short blurb of the "Robert X. Cringely" column!

"Microsoft may be 'gung ho' about Internet Explorer 7, but the FBI doesn't share its enthusiasm. Cringester and gun dealer Robert B. got an e-mail from the Feds saying its NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) does not support IE7. The G-men want to perform a background check on the browser's security flaws before they pull the trigger. (A good idea.) Suddenly Microsoft's plan to roll out IE7 as an automatic Windows update looks even dumber. Maybe Redmond should change that to semi-automatic." Hee hee.


If you use IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) which is the default browser for Windows XP, be aware that Microsoft plans to make IE7 an automatic update. Be aware that not all websites fully support IE7 such as some banks etc. While some of the features seem nice and lots of users like them, some of them including my self do not. One major change I noticed was the toolbar is less configurable. Right after it was released to the public, I installed it and within 5 minutes was uninstalling it because for one it looked funny, and I couldn't quickly make it do what I wanted. Then of course it also crashed my new system for what ever reason.

Since that time, I have learned that it changes the cookies and temporary internet file storage folders to "protected system folders" making them more difficult to browse to on the system and manually delete the items. I'm sure there are other things I will learn about over time.

I plan on installing IE7 again this weekend and will let everyone know what I think before the automatic updates occur hopefully.

Hope all is Well!

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