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Never did get IE7 to quit crashing on MSN video although had no problems at Google Video or YouTube. I believe somehow this may be related to the minor anamolies I've had with Windows Media Player since I built my new machine. Other than that it seemed fairly stable. I did uninstall from my desktop and went back to IE6 since it's my main computer I use.

I also installed IE7 on my laptop and had no problems what so ever so far. I believe I may keep IE7 on my laptop to become familiar with it so I'm not a fish out of water at clients homes and businesses. I believe this is going to boil down to a matter of choice as to what browser you want. If you have a friend who has made the plunge, I would go look at it and see for yourself. Microsoft also has a tour located at

One last thing, what I understand is
that users will not be forced to accept IE7 nor will Microsoft
silently install IE7. Users will see a dialog box offering IE7. Users can choose “Install”, “Don’t Install”, or “Ask me later”.  They also have a command line utility that will create the necessary registry change so even that will quit bugging you. I'm not really sure how aggressive the dialog box will be at coming up.

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