The Vote IS IN!

Looks like Winter is officially here! Didn't have a lot of work to do today so I just hung out. The weather wasn't bad all day until after I went out.

I ran down to the Jeep dealer to pick up a wiring harness for my new tow package I ordered online and it was raining just a bit. Ran dow to Anderson and it was raining a little harder down there. I had a computer to fix but the lady wasn't home yet so I checked out Wally World and got a new electric blanket and a set of sheets.

After I fixed the computer and started coming home was a different story. It was raining buckets. I ran in to Sentry Market to get the broiler pan for the turkey and a few odds and ends and it was hailing by the time I was ready to come home. Also some pretty impressive lightning to go allong with it.

As soon as I pulled up at the house it let up for about 5 mins....great timing!

Here comes the rain again and knocks out the satelite.


Here's a few pics from last winter.

We are only about 5 miles from Shasta Lake and about 2 miles from the snow line. Doesn't snow very much here but I can see snow almost year round on Mt Shasta which is around 14,00 feet.



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