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Hand-assembled frame-by-frame? There's gotta be a better way to do that.
This is why my project is taking so long.
There is a better way fortunately down the road. Unfortunately the other way didn't produce a very decent quality when I started. Getting my movie clips to resize down to fit into the drive-in screen using PIP filter in the movie left me with blurry images. So I resorted to this method to guarantee the highest quality I could get with the tools I have at hand.
All my project components are fair to poor quality for the most part. They all come from real footage of drive-in stuff salvaged from old drive-ins and converted into several different video formats. Each segment I use requiring special handling so to speak.
I discovered also that in making my little segment clips that I wasn't being consistent. This being partly in my source files and method. When I joined them together there were variations in the playback I could't live with so I started over a few times.
The result though has led me to simulate the drive-in getting darker, and add some animation to my static background. The goal of course to add a certain amount af realism/humor to the whole thing.
If I do well on this project financially, I might consider getting a used 3 camera w/switcher video setup and travel to various drive-ins and record entire evenings of drive-in life. Of course, how I'm doing it now is extremely low budget and helps me gain the experience to be able to do something that advanced and detailed in the future.