What to do?

Well another long week is over and not sure at this point what I actually will do....This weekend


1. Sleep all weekend

Not usually what I do but ever since daylight saving time I'm up before the chickens working on my DVD project for 3-4 hours then put my 8 hours on the clock.

2. Play with my new Video Camcorder.

Picked up a small inexpensive camcorder off EBAY to get my feet wet. Darn thing only has 32mb memory card with it so can't be too creative without having to ofload it to the pc. It's got all this stuff I'll probably never use like the stuff on my gazillian remote controls I never bothered to figure out. They usually break before you get them mastered and need to learn another one so it's kind of a waste of energy. I usually walk to the tv to turn it on if that gives you a clue.

3. Install Wiring Harness and Tow Hitch on the Jeep.

The dealer says about $500 bucks to do it and I've got the parts....Let's see how cold it is first before I devote the weekend to this project. I need to get it done though so I can tow the boat trailer and my utility trailer with the new Jeep. My trailer has been ready to go to the dumps since my other jeep was stolen a few months ago.

4. Put plastic up and cover the swamp cooler.

I really need to put a new roof on the storage shed but I bought a tarp for that and the boat and the motorcycle. Swamp Cooler is a huge heat leak so that will likely get done out of everything.



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3 responses
#3 sounds like an excellent project.
I gave up doing vehicle maintenance about 16 years ago when I got into computer repair. So I'm not really looking forward to it. I used to be a certified mechanic back in the day so I'm sure I can handle it. It's the amount of time involved and not really wanting to do it.
The dealer couldn't even give me "book" time for the job which is a little scary. Since the Jeep doesn't have an overhead console it requires the installation of 2 harnesses. Bacically the the wires connect through the dash on the drivers side and go across behind the glovebox and down along the floor all the way to the right rear quarter panel.
Each harness comes with a set of instructions which are basically pictures and NO real text to reference as to the exact location. The pictures are very poor stick drawings and there are lot's of plastic pieces to try to remove without busting the retaining clips.
The hitch itself is rather heavy also which all in all makes this project the most undesirable of all my projects.
I'd pay someone else to do the Jeep, but that's just me.