Has it Got here Yet?

The first inexpensive camcorder I purchaced turned out to be a piece of junk. Fortunately the guy I got it from was willing to take it back. Too bad it didn't work. It would have been a nice little unit to keep in the car. I couldnt seem to get a clear picture on it not matter what I did.

I bought another, more expensive used Sony Handycam DCR TRV38 with a bunch of extras only used once to record a wedding....not sure if the guy is getting divorced or not.

Since I got a great deal, I also purchaced a wide angle-telephoto lens to capture some of the great long-distance shots I encounter when I'm out traveling.

I'm not really sure how into becoming a videophotographer I want to become. I've resisted buying a camcorder for years. One of my ideas for raising funds for producing my DVD is to sell advertising space in my intermission scenes. For those just reading my blog for the first time, I'm currently producing a DVD based on old drive-in theater stuff which I intend on selling....and actually making some money hopefully.  I'm still working on the first 5 minutes of the dvd and have been working on it over a year now.

Anyway the guy doesn't accept PayPal, so I sent him a check and he should get it in a day or so....maybe by next weekend it will arrive.

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It's always nice to have the right tools available in the right situation. Personally, I find camcorders too big and too difficult to deal with. I like the camcorder functions on my Nokia N93. Though it doesn't capture the moment perfectly, it does good enough for my tastes. Whether or not it passes the wife test is a different question, though.Hope that transaction goes well. Most people are honest, but occasionally you run into a shyster.
I've had real good luck with my Ebay purchaces. Only had to return a few things and haven't had any disputes that I can recall. I agree about the size of camcorders being a downside. However there are several mini-camcorders out. Unfortunately the quality isn't there yet. I suppose the cellphone recording is kind of good for creating some sort of instant on-the-fly record of something. The only real downside is that with my luck I'd be recording something and would fill up the memory just as something better happens.