Weekend Update

Well I took the Jeep to my mechanic over the weekend to get the wiring harness installed for my tow kit. $300 was a little better than the $500+ the dealer quoted on the job. When I get a chance, I'll install the hitch itself. Maybe next weekend if the weather lifts a bit.

Since I was house ridden this weekend I did some more work on my dvd and broke the 5:45 min barrier. Also I'm running out of room on my server so I picked up a new faster 250gb seagate eide drive. I just use the server for storage.

What I decided to do was clone my new drive and make it my primary drive, Then clone my secondary drive to my old primary drive. My old secondary drive will replace the drive in the server as soon as the drive caddy units arrive for the case. I use 4U rackmount cases for my systems and the server is under the workstation....bummer.

Anyway the server drive once retired, will replace the 60 gb drive on Teressa's Dell. While I have it apart I might see about adding some other things to it. Confused Yet?

I did manage to get a nap out in between all this. I get up between 4-5 every morning so it's easy to be tired by noon. After eating a big lunch or breakfast I usualy conk out for a few or should I say several hours. No nap today though


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