DVD Project update

Well the good news is that I have the first 7 mins done..but looks terrible when burned to dvd on the TV.

It looks fairly good on the computer but somehow I get distortions from some of the effects I'm using in the beginning few minutes  Also one of the effects I created was to have the drive-in itself gradually get darker. I should have tested to see exactly how dark the final 'this is the darkest it should get screen' would look on the tv as opposed to within only the video editor.

So basically I need to start all over.

The good news is that I have a completed version to use as a guide and learned many things over the last year. So I'm not totally discouraged with things. Some of the project probably can be used again but I might just as well give it all fresh start.


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2 responses
Hopefully you can come up with a process that's easier to do.
Actually there are easier ways to do it but got my best results doing it the hard way. The function is called PIP or picture-in-picture in the video editor I use...called other things in other editors. The problem is in the rendering when the file is output I loose some clarity. When your working with footage that was scraped off the floor after having ran through a projector a million times, then converted from 16mm or 35mm to digital...you endup with a bunch of distortions.