DVD Project Update

An interesting turn of events....

Ran into an old client the other day that just happens to be a marketing consultant. I told her what I was working on and my basic marketing plan. She offered to help which was really cool. The conversation spawned an idea that got me thinking of which road to take this.

I was so excited about this that I missed my turn-off twice on the way to the next sevice call. Haven't done that for years. Last time I missed a turn multiple times was back in Santa Cruz when I missed the turn exactly 4 times because I had something else I was thinking about.

Anyway, without letting the cat out of the bag, I plan on approaching some fairly big corporations to purchace advertising on my DVD. What I have decided is that first, I need to be able to prove that I am capable of delivering a finished product for them to even consider my proposal. This means producing a dvd to show them.

I'm also thinking about non-disclosure agreements etc which also means hiring a legal team to protect my ideas beyond copyright. The finished product actually will never be finished because the advertising is basically community based. This means that there could be several variations of the same theme.

Anyway, I figure if it flys, I could stand to make a bundle on distribution more so than production. I'm hoping to get commitments for orders that will drive down production costs enough that the advertisers could actually give the discs away and I could still make a couple bucks/ dvd in sales. Even 50 cents profit per cd would be quite a bit if I sell a million copies.

Moreover though, beyond the money, it's keeping me out of trouble.

Version 2 is starting to take shape. I believe the problems I was seeing with V1 is a thing of the past now. I've actually had some success by paying attention to details and maintaining consistency across the project. In the beginning. of course I didn't know how to do it and bumbling my way around.




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This DVD project is starting to get serious. Once you get (more) done, you could post a sample to YouTube to get some advertising. ;)
One step further is to set it up with Google Video with a teaser then sell Day Pass and Full Access to Hi-Def complete version. I bought a documentary about drive-ins this way in my research for the project. Also I can sell DVD's via EBAY.
I'd like to actually have it create its' own funds to go into full production with. Professionally done DVD mastering is fairly expensive.