When we moved in, the DirecTV installer took down the old Dish network dish from the previous property owner. He was expecting me to dispose of it but I had other visions as you can see on the left.

We get a few thirsty takers in the summer. It's pretty cool when you see a bird land on it and take a drink. Haven't seen any take a bath yet but I suppose that could happen someday.

Ill probably be moving it one of these days into the backyard area I'm working on. It should look pretty good next to the gazebo I have plans for. The roof of the gazebo will be an 8 foot c-band sat dish I picked up for free.

Of course it doesn't stop there....inside the gazebo is going a small hot tub I plan on making out of a circular horse trough. Thought I'd have it lined with some of that Rhino liner stuff that they line truckbeds with. I just worked out the plans for the gazebo foundation yesterday while I was driving. Basically the design will be a large concrete ring with an inset on the inner edge. The inset is for laying in some of that new commercial plastic deck material you don't ever have to paint and won't rot.

Too many projects and not enough time money or energy!

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