Bonny Doon Beach

Great place enjoy the serenity of the Pacific Ocean. When I lived in Santa Cruz, Boony Doon Beach was a great place to hang out. I mean litterally hang out.

Because of the dificulty actually getting down the beach, it became famous to the locals as a "clothing optional" beach. As I recall it was one of the cleanest beaches in the area.

To find the beach you have to find the intersection of Bonny Doon Road and Hwy 1 and look for the cars. As I understand it, the county parks system took it over and made some improvements when the land went public. Apparently there is 45 parking spaces, a bus stop, and an improved trailhead. My guess is that 'improved' means it may be a little bit safer than the rope we used to use to get down. My son broke his wrist there if that tells you anything. Probably not quite so cozy with improved access and the likelyhood of tourists. All good things come to an end someday I suppose. But I imagine it's still an awesome place.

The flic was created using images I found on the web and does contain brief nudity. It was not my intention to offend anyone by the content.     ENJOY!