Weekend Chores

Friday night when I came home, I found out I had a little electrical problem. It was too late to do anything about it since fixing it involved a trip to the hardware store. I've got exactly 1 electrical plug in my office and with all my stuff running, It gave it to much of a work out. So I got up early Saturday morning and started sorting out the mess.

Went down to the hardware store down the street and picked up a new wall recepticle and a couple of decent Belkin power strips. When I was replacing the recepticle, I noticed a big draft coming through so I went back to the store and picked up some insulation to go behind all my cover plates.

When we moved in here I kind of just threw my equipment up and litterally had a quagmire of wires all tangled together. Just to give you an idea,,,now that I have mounted my wireless router on the wall I won't get hit in the head when it falls anymore. Everything really looks alot better. I'm still not entirely done with that but it's good enough to go for a while without disaster. I need to add another recepticle on the wall behind my desk as the next phase.

Today was pretty much figuring out where Vongo puts thier movies as of the new required upgrade. I downloaded a movie Saturday and went looking for it and couln't find it. This morning I ran a DOS command and dumped the results into a text file that I could search. Found it right away. They are getting sneaky.

I did some final fixes on IE6 today also. BTW for anyone interested I have a bat file that re-registers all the dll files for IE. Let me know if you need it. (A gift from Microsoft).

Having all that out of the way I thought I let Tunebite process my new movies and it was having problems. Movies were a little jerky on the output end. I fixed that and started processing them. Since that tied up the desktop for 4.5+ hour I went out and worked on the fence.

Last year I found this cool fence weave material to dress up the cyclone fence the neighbors had put up a million years ago. The weave is fairly easy to install but the plastic clips to secure the ends are difficult to get over the wire and the weave. This secion of fence is around 40 feet or so long and I had some of it done last year. Very hard on the hands to put the clips on, so It never got finished.

Over the last few weeks, I resumed the project. I figure the neighbor would appreciate it also since it looked unfinished. I figure I'll get it done in time to do it all over again on the new backfence I'm having put in when the taxman pays me back. The fence needs to go in before the new carport I'm planning on so the guy can get a post hole digger in with out problems.

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