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Actually, it's likely no big deal for the average person. Your system may have already recieved the patch if you doing your critical updates from Microsoft. Even if your not, still no big deal unless having your computer being an hour off for 3 weeks bothers you.  


The easiest way to see if you got the patch is to compare the computer time to your other clocks in the house. The time on the computer is ether gonna be the same or an hour different depending on whether you already moved the house clocks forward before bedtime tonight or not.


There are several versions of the update depending on the system you have. Links to the update can be found down on this page at Microsoft


Another method as a temporary work around is to double-click on the clock in the system tray. Click on the Time Zone tab and remove the checkmark which allows automatic changes when daylight savings comes around. Then set the clock ahead an hour and click ok. While this works remember that the clock will be an hour off this fall also because it's might not be reset automatically.


This makes the Best thing to do is to run Windows Updates and get the patch...


Primarily, this commotion about the DST changes really most affect software likely not running on your system. If you use Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express) then there is a patch to update appointments at Microsoft Downloads  Beyond that, unless you are using something that counts down the seconds from one event to another or timestamping financial transactions your probably not really gonna be affected much.


Enjoy the sunshine and get out early. DST is nothing to lose sleep over...If you do, then you'll likey find it again this November.