The Road Trip

I just love "well planned" road trips. Before I left on Monday I ran my one and only call at the Coleman National Fish Hatchery". Coleman is the largest Fish hatchery in the nation. The local Salmon Festival is coming soon so I'll probably be blogging about that complete with a video. Anyway, after completing the call I went to Hayward. Got there too late to do any real work so I just grabbed a room a LaQuinta.

Both the District Manager and the supervisor for that area was supposed to be in the office at 8:00. I arrived at 8 AM and the doors were locked. So I went out to see If I could buy a map of Hayward...guess what they don't have a map of Hayward in Hayward. When I got back to the office, I saw a car driving away.

I called my supervisor and he gave me her cell phone number. Turns out she had forgot her keys and was going back home. Not sure how she planned on getting there since the San Mateo Bridge was closed since 7 AM and traffic was a mess. This same supervisor lost her company cell phone the next day.

I decided to have breakfast while I was waiting.

I got a basic I need you to work down in the South Bay area today but no list of calls yet so I went and checked out of the hotel. By 11:30 I finally got my print-outs for the day. Only so much you can do in the day when businesses close at 5. I did get 3 printers back in service and ordered extra parts for the 4th.

Since my day ended early I took a drive over to Santa Cruz and had dinner with some old friends in Capitola. We did Chinese at Chinese Village in thier new building near the Capitola Mall. It's been ages since I had been back to my old stomps. The food was better than ever.

Since it was getting late, I decided it was time to go grab a room somewhere and checked out the new hotel on 41st...$179 bucks! I said no way and drove back over to San Jose and grabbed a room at Day's Inn right next door to my last call.

Tuesday I ran 5 printer calls and ended up at 8PM in Redwood City. I drove home from there and got in around 12:30...Just in time for "damage control" in my area...half of which just turned out to be phone calls and getting the paperwork straightened out.

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