Data Recovery Week

This has been a quite stressfull week!

First the server goes down...hard drive inaccessible..then the workstation goes down...hard drive inaccessible. Fortunately my recovery software said otherwise.

I have managed to get the workstation back up with no evidence of any problems so far. For whatever reason, It was running a little slow..ok really slow so I decided to run chkdsk on the drive. It was in the process of marking a bad cluster and rebooted for some reason. I only lost 2 files which were of no consequence from my favorites folder.

The server still needs to be rebuilt though. I've already recovered the essential data so it won't take that long. I have spare hard drives for both machines with the operating system and essential software pre-installed so I can be up and running actually in about 5-10 minutes. I use them to image another drive and then use the imaged drive for everyday use. Time is money.

The odds that both the machines would go down at the same time is astonomical. Fortunately I have a laptop so I can at least get my work orders in an emergency.


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3 responses
Go to and get yourself a copy of spinrite. It is designed to deal with these problems far better than anything else out there. Spinrite recovers things no other program can.
I use Winternal's ERD Commander. But spinrite has been around along time....back in the MFM and RLL drive days.
Thanks for the tip
There's a reason Spinrite is still going strong today: it works. ;)