5 minute Hero Update - This Old House

Well it seems that my origional assessment was correct except for different reasons. The  pellet stove went down again and I was unable to revive it. The repair guy can't get here until this Friday so we have a radiant heater running. I'm thinking it's not quite as drastic as the control board needing replacing but could be. I'm thinking one of the thermal switches went out which is much cheaper. This based on some troubleshooting I did already.

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Cold enough for a heater sounds nice - it's still in the 90's here - 95 tomorrow maybe - kind of a blah way to start October. I'm looking forward to some 60 degree weather.
Well technically it's just cold in the morning. But when your primary heat is one of these things it's best to to a shakedown run prior to it being so darn cold you can't dial the repair guy.
We have daytime highs in the low 60s here, but that's before you count the rain and wind chill factor. We got ripped off on the summer.