Salmon festival respawns at Coleman hatchery

If your in the area, it's a fairly big tado! I've never been to the festival for the bake (this year probably) but I have been to the hatchery several times. I fix thier Dell's under warranty. I'll be taking the camcorder this year to share.


Salmon festival respawns at Coleman hatchery

Photo by Coleman National Fish Hatchery

FISH STORIES: Children take a seat for story time during the Return of the Salmon Festival at the Coleman National Fish Hatchery.

The Coleman National Fish Hatchery will hold the 17th Annual Return of the Salmon Festival Oct. 20 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the hatchery, located at 24411 Coleman Fish Hatchery Road in Anderson. Free parking and a free shuttle will provide transportation between the Anderson Wal-Mart and the hatchery.

The free festival involves an open house of the entire hatchery to the public. At the one-day festival, visitors will have an opportunity to observe spawning operations, fish jumping at the fish ladder, fish tagging, children’s activities and an aquarium.

“It’s our way to celebrate with the community the beginning of spawning season and the return of Chinook salmon to northern California,” Scott Hamelberg, the hatchery project leader, said.

At least 40 agencies will be on hand to inform visitors about environmental and recreational issues affecting northern California.

Last year, 14,000 people attended the festival.

The hatchery, which was built on Battle Creek in 1942, aims to offset the loss of spawning grounds since the construction of Shasta and Keswick dams. About 50 percent of the spawning ground was cut off by these dams.

Although the fish would spawn elsewhere if they had too, the conditions of the Sacramento River south of the dams is not adequate, according to Hamelberg.

“Salmon need cold, clear water for spawning,” he said.

This year, the hatchery’s production goal is to spawn 12 million juvenile fall Chinook salmon, 1 million late fall salmon and 600,000 steelhead. The collection of eggs from 3,500 female salmon for the fall salmon goal is just beginning at the hatchery.

In conjunction with the festival, the Anderson Rotary will hold its annual Salmon Bake from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Wal-Mart parking lot.

For information about the hatchery, call 365-8622. For information about the Salmon Bake, call 365-2797.

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4 responses
Living on the Oregon Coast for 9 years I had the honor and pleasure of watching the salmon come up river. Sometimes it was so shallow in area the fish was half in and half out of the water, but they made it to spawn. Amazing fish. Sounds like a great festival. Kids really need to know these things.
It is even more awesome to see one swim between your legs. But there is nothing I know of that is less forgettable in my life sofar seeing them struggle to die. I may try my luck to catch one off the bank this weekend if the weather isn't so bad. Truely a magnificent fish.
Yes and also a dying breed. Between people and the seals.
They buit dams and cities and OOPS what about the fish?