Today Salmon Fishing....

This is a photo from Battle Creek from last year when the salmon were heading for the hatchery. The creek itself is protected so no fishing is allowed where this picture was taken.

This week I invented a little item that I need to test the prototype. Since the idea is not patented yet...all I can say is that it is designed to help save your hook setup when your weight gets caught in the rocks of the riverbed. It takes me around 5+ minutes to put a hook on because of the special knot required for using salmon roe as bait.

My invention is a slight variation of the same setup the guys out in the boats use. The main difference is they drop their lines straight down and I have to cast out. This in itself changes the angle of retrieval when your lines get snagged. And usually when fishing from the bank it is my weight that gets snagged.

If my idea actually works it should be able to be produced for about $0.05 or less each. The prototype of course cost me around a buck to make using stuff I purchaced at retail can see the markup potential.

My test area is a place called the Barge Hole which is located on the Sacramento river near the mouth of Battle Creek.  Developers of the area, dug a 50 foot hole so they could barge across materials too expensive to truck around the other way. The cost of taking stuff across on Jelly's ferry or the extra distance being the decision. These days you can't do such things.

Anyway the Barge Hole is a place where the Salmon sit and rest prior to going up Battle Creek. During the season, there is usually 15-20 boats and lots of fisherman trying their luck all at once over the hole. Talk about a zoo!

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