Techzilla Gets Singled Out By Dell!

Got a call from my supervisor yesterday regarding a printer call I ran in La Honda the other day. From what I understand, I am the first technician in the company every to achieve this distinction. Here is an extract from the email  to my supervisor and to the mucky mucks at my company from our company rep located within the Dell Escallations Dept.


I don't think you'll mind dealing with this one!  Great job by Michael, he went well above and beyond what was necessary, and Dell has recognized him! 

This is just a compliment for a technician. His name is Michael Welch and his employee ID is # 63709. He went onsite to help a customer with a wireless setup for the 3115cn and actually worked for over 3 hours helping the customer out. He had a rep from Imaging supoort on the line and the rep had nothing but great things to say about Michael, like how easy he was to work with and how great his soft skills were. I just wanted to give Michael a big compliment because it's technicians like this that provide the best customer experience out there and he should be commended for this. By far one of the best Banctec techs you have! Thanks so much!



Dell Escallations


Accompaning this is supposed to be a $75.00 Service Achievment Award from my company. I'll probably have to frame the email.

This peticular job was almost entirely out-of-scope of our contract. The client had purchased the printer some months back and had hired Geek Squad to come out. Not only did it take two weeks to find someone to do the job...they sent someone only with experience with laser printers. She had requested someone with experience specifically with that model printer. Then to add insult to injury, the guy botched the job and had the nerve to charge the big bucks.

Even getting an appointment was difficult with this client. I had to sell her on the fact that I was certified by Dell on the printer and that I had the manual with me on my laptop. She basically was a very unhappy camper.

Apparently the client was razzle dazzled by my service also since not only was it printing wirelessly from 4 workstations, they all could do network faxing and scanning also. Basically doing everything she needed it to do and told it could do when the printer was purchaced.

My guess is that the Dell Escallation Rep did a follow-up call to the client to see how things went. As you can see...things went extremely well!

The email went to everyone on the planet in my company so this is a really big deal actually.

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Congratulations...........People seldom get the praise they deserve so nice to see that you did. You are da man.
This is what I like to call a "get out of jail free" card. Always good to keep in your back pocket.
It's hard to believe that I'm the first out of 1700 techs in the company to get ANY least to this degree. Timing I guess.
Hopefully it continues to stack the deck in my favor so I don't have to keep dipping into the "Community Chest!"
No thinking respectable people responding to someone who gives a fuck. You don't see it alot.