Vongo Service - CANCELLED

Up until last evening, I had been reasonably satisfied with the Vongo service. This inspite of the fact that they prevent you from accessing the service unless you are using the latest version and several times the DRM licences have gotten corrupted on my system.

When this happens, it forces a complete uninstall of Windows Media Player and the Vongo software and deleting the DRM files to start over. I have done it so many times actually I could do it in my sleep.

Yesterday, at least they sent an email stating the new software...version 2 was now available and that my current software would need to be updated to fully use the service...so I started to comply and initiated the upgrade. It was refusing to install because I use Windows media Player 10 and was requiring me to use version 11 before it would install.

For One, I don't personally like WMP 11 and Two, it would mean no longer using one of my other favorite applications. 2 weeks ago I reported a bad movie they had encoded wrong and they never fixed it. Tech Suport in general is lousy. First you have to submit a ticket via the ASK Vongo self help thing and then finally they send and email with some instructions. Included in the email is the Vongo phone number that you can't find on the site.

Personally any company that forces you to constantly update thier software is one thing. But forcing you to update someone elses is another and enough is enough!

Goodbye Vongo Good Riddens!