Ubuntu Update

I was able to add a pair of hard drives and set up raid 1 on them. The drives are 500GB each but under RAID 1 they are mirrored so I only get 500gb total space to use but my data will be safe if one of the drives fail. This was not a particular easy task. Took over half the day to figure it out.

Next project is to figure out how to run the system without a cdrom drive physically attached. By adding the drives I lose the ability to close the case unless the cdrom is removed. The problem is that when I do this the system no longer boots.

The good news is that it's not totally imperative I get this working expeditiously.  Progress is Progress right?

As you can guess, I tested the new hard drives last night extensively and they passed so I started the project.

I just plugged in usb memory stick and it mounted automatically! Cool! Forgot I put some .MP4 movies on it. Now watching Commando Cody.  Well I had to install more software to do it.

Ubuntu is as bad as Vista as far as asking permission to do things....maybe worse.

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Cool - progress IS progress. When you are all done you can write up your notes and post "Ubuntu for Dummies" so people like me won't have to struggle so much with it.
I spoke too soon!The raid kept crashing my system. It now boots without the cdrom though after reinstalling Ubuntu twice more. Aparently from what I can acertain is that the raid program has some bugsHardware raid is the next option to try.
I wouldn't be so sure about that. I have found Ubuntu no worse than my Mac. Vista, well let's just say I refuse to let that steaming piece of crap OS anywhere near my XP machines that are fat, dumb, and happy.Software RAID sucks. Gotta do hardware RAID, otherwise don't bother.
I kept getting an initrampfs prompt with the raid software installed for some reason. It worked for a while when I had the main hd and the first hd in the array on the primary hd channel and the second drive in the array on the secondary channel.
Ultimately, each drive needs to be on it's own controller and can be done if you setup the entire system on a raid from the beginning. I only want to use raid on my data. I can ghost the os drive easily enough.