Ubuntu This! (don't try this at home)

Finally got the Raid working on the server and can access the files from my workstation. The raid appears to be working great at the moment. Spent all Geekend working on it.

Here's a list of the problems.

1. The server sits underneath my workstation so that has also been down all Geekend.

2. The raid-controller refuses to create a hardware raid. So I had to configure a software raid on Ubuntu.

3. For what ever reason, the server re-detects the vidio and drops it down to 800x600 after I connect it to the KVM.

4. Had to use separate keyboards and Mice to operate 2 machines. They use to work off the KVM just fine with a single keyboard and mouse and monitor....now its just sharing the monitor.

5. I had to re-install Ubuntu a couple of times because I hosed the configuration of the raid. After which of course I learned a few shortcuts to reduce the time. When I first got it working I could create folders and files on the raid. When I rebooted they were missing kinda. The problem I discovered was in some of the packages used to mount NTFS drives on Ubuntu. Also figuring out the correct commands to mount the dumb thing properly when the system boots.

6. I needed some real data on the drive so I copied a 500mb video file to the raid. I took 30 min. After tweaking a setting I found somewhere on the web the same file transferred much faster. I copied a file from the usb to the desktop and it tok 8min...copied the file to the drive from the desktop in 8min. Then I copied a similiar size file from the usb to the raid and it was also 8min. BIG Huge Improvement there.

So now the Geekend is over and it's about time to eat. All that is left is transfering my data back to the server and then connecting 2 more machines to it.

Glad I had an extra hour to do it in! LOL

Was it worth all the hastle...not really except I have a Linux platform to play with once in a while. It's probably never going to be a piece-of-cake to work on unless I really spend the days and nights over several years like some of the people.

Like I said...don't try this at home!

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Spent all Geekend working on it. lol Don't worry I won't be trying anything strange. lol. Way beyond my realm of understanding.
Don't feel alone. I suppose if Linux hit the world like Windows or the Mac OS did then it would be a little different. What makes it special is that it is absolutely free for individualls and businesses to use. Where the money is actually made is in support and consulting charges...not both like Windows is. Some of the struggles have been and still are with hardware support and useability. What hasn't changed is the fact the "average user" would always find it a struggle...so my best advice to everyone is stay in your safe spot.
This is all still a learning process for me. I have Windows XP on an emachine with 100gb of space. So now that I have DSL it is pretty sweet.When I worked it was on programs for accounts receivable and was real straight forward.
Actually it's a learning experience for all of us. I'm sure you know things I don't know....but if you don't tell me, I'm sure I'll never know.
lol...What would you like to know?