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Sofar what I have done sofar is working great! ok the next major problem is printing. Nobody on the planet has a way to print to my Okidata C5150n printer. I spent all morning yesrday tring to get Ghostscript workaround to work but it hangs loading fonts. haven't tried not using the included fonts with it yet.

I get it to communicate with my actual printer but never finishes spooling a test print.

My Okidata is really a nice printer for the bucks...but may not replace it with one in the future due to the lack of basic Linux support. It uses a proprietary emulation called Hiper-C. There ar no PostScript drivers available for it...so I can't even lie to the computer to use someone elses driver. I even called OKI Support and basically got the run around.

My resolution is to print to the PDF driver and save it as a file I can print across the network from my workstation...same effect just not as automatic. Also a good way to save documentation in general so it's not a total wash. The PDF driver that comes with Ubuntu is capable of creating PDF files...and works.

I need to get yet another KVM switch one of these days. I've eyeballed a D-Link model that supports high resolution video and keyboard, mouse, and sound. The cavet is I also need to get a USB mouse and keyboard to implement it. My Ubuntu server flat out refuses to use a KVM with PS/2 type connections for some reason. It's always been questionable anyway. I think there is a voltage issue on the port or something from the symptoms I've seen over time.

Not sure how much energy I want to keep putting into it just to serve as a file server...but basic functions like printing and having a keyboard and mouse that work with the scree resolution where I like it is kind of minimum requirements that aren't being met at this time.

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Very interesting Mr. Wizard. lol
I have seen a lot of links that state that the Okidata C5150 does not work with Linux. Kinda sucks, I too get frustrated with Linux printer drivers.
I don't think its as much a programming problem as it is a problem with the manufacturers wanting to support Linux in general. I don't think they realize how many linux users there are world wide. If I primarily used linux, Id buy a printer fully supported...not take a chance on someones cludge driver.
I go to great pains to purchase Linux-compatible gear, even though I mostly use Windows and Mac these days. For those times where I do use Linux, I want to be sure it works without fuss.Actually, if it's Mac compatible, it should also be Linux compatible since they use a similar underlying printing system (CUPS, if I recall correctly).
Correct on all counts. I didnt try the mac version because of the file extraction problem of the mac...since I don't own one.