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Omg that was a hoot. Lexxy could do it.
She's fairly smart. She know that if I fall asleep on the couch she can come over and shake to make her tags rattle which in turn wakes me up. I just give her a quick pet and she goes back to bed. Of course this is usually around 3-4am. By that time I'm likely was snoring up a storm and she wants some peace and quiet and is getting back at me. LOL
Could be. lol........Annie wakes me up barking if she really has to go. So I stagger to the door and let her out. Crash on the couch until she gets back and then back to bed. Lexxy looks smart. Really.
When the fences are in, they make collars with radio chips that unlock the pet door when the "legal" animal approaches and is within shot of the door. I'm gonna consider one of them anyway. Nothing like being lazy.
Hey this has good sounding possibilities. No doggie door here. lol

Since we have both a cat and dog i'm think of one for the cat also...mount it in the dog door flap so it serves both.
Clever idea. Lots of coming and going.