The Bird "unveiled"


Smoked this 14 pounder for 9 hours! Fortunately it's just us and no company. So it's ok I pulled it out of the smoker at 9:30PM. We often eat late anyway so NBD. Not a lot of work really but you have to go add smoke chips every hour. Luckily we have a meat thermometer because the "done timer" didn't work.

Back when I lived in Santa Cruz, I used to pre-order a smoked turkey from the Coralittas Market and Sausage Company. They have a huge container converted to a smoker out back and used apple wood from the orchards to smoke everything. Corralitas is near Watonville which has lots of apple orchards. Year round they make awsome sausages...and awsome sandwiches.

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Did the missus like it? :)Unfortunately, I didn't get any turkey today. Today was the first day that my stomach stopped feeling nauseous, though, so I might get to eat normally here in the next day or two. Depends on how quick my tonsils get back to normal.
Turkey came out great...nothing not to like when it comes out perfect. I keep a pan of water in the smoker that helps keep the meat moist. So not only did it slice well, but the breast meat was tender and moist enough not to need any doctoring to get down teh gullet.
Glad you are starting to join the living again. I hate being sick during the holidays. Get well Soon...Ill be in Seattle next week so I'm told.