I remember When...

Santa Cruz was described as a bowl of granola..."What ain't nuts and fruits is flakes".


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Souther California still has that motto. I would imagine Santa Cruz does as well.
Probably a result of the ethnic and political diversity of both areas. Where I am there is not much of either. However, behind me is a native Indian Family as is on the side and across the street is a Spanish family.
Ever since the logging industry died in this area, there has been a steady decline of beer-drinken ass-wuppers and a slow but steady increase in older Bay Area people who made a killing on thier property coming here to retire.
Shasta Lake is composed mostly of what they call Dam houses. They were poorly built to house the Chinese laborers during the time Shasta Dam was being built. Not sure when they left or how but don't see any now. I can't imagine they were treated much differently than the Chinese Labor used to build the railroads in the cointry and at least some of them ended up sadly to say as fish bait.