Vacation - Day1

I must really have been bored today. Got out and raked the leaves into piles, hung some rock address letters on the fence and put reflectors on the cornerpost of the fence at the alley so I could see to turn in. Also cleaned out 99.9% of the inbox. Also moved the pellet box to the back of the house closer to the car and unloaded 10 bags. Took a nap in there somewhere.

I have several little things I have been putting off so I may get to a few of them over the next week weather permitting. It was actually fairly nice today and was able to take the coat off after a bit.

We've noticed a few finches hanging out around the hummingbird feeder for whatever reason. A few months ago I bought some Finch sock feeders and finally hung them out today also. Our crew of Humming birds is still rather large. I'm hoping to build a similiar crew of Finches. They are fun to watch also. I expect by next year we will see several now that I have feeders for them.

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Wonder what the cat thinks of all those birds?
Cat figured out along time ago he can't catch them anyway except on a rare occation. So he just sits there and ignores them. It takes movement faster that 5 steps/hr to get them so he's kind of out of thier leauge so to speak.
Wow, you're up late. Guess that's what happens when you're on vacation. :)
Not sleeping in. I was up at 3AM this morning. I had a long nap though today
Now that sounds like the good life. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year. Thanks for all you do to help. It is appreciated.
Best Wishes to you also. If you ever need help just ask ok?
I guess you know that makes you my Northwest Geek Teddy Bear. lolThanks and Happy of Hummingbirds and finches coming soon?