Extra! Extra! Read All About it! - Netscape Gasps for Last Breath!

AOL just pulled the plug on Netscape's life support system. Seems like they never recovered from the Internet Explorer Wars. Updates will be ceasing in February of 2008. Before selling out to AOL, Netscape created the Mozilla Foundation who is responsible for Firefox. The Netscape browser engine was also known as Mozilla....hmm.

Anyway it seems awful funny that AOL would buy Netscape and never really offer it or use it in thier AOL software package? Isn't it funny how they always were using the Internet Explorer Engine? And now are pulling the plug?

I wonder how much it cost Microsoft for this to happen. Of course AOL is famous for killing everything they put thier hands on sooner or later. So it's one or the other or a little of both. I mean look what they have done to thier customer base.

Here's a pretty good article on it any way. http://tinyurl.com/3xf68t

Netscape was a good reliable browser when it was actually being developed. Sure it had it problems but it did manage to find it's way to millions of desktops worldwide.

R.I.P. Netscape