New Crew 2

The finches really are going to town. Since they are really skidish, they are hard to catch admist thier feeding frenzy.Here's a picture of the front feeder with 4 finches.


It's kind of hard to see but the volume of seed in the sock is about 1/4 of what was in the other sock in the backyard. The front is a really quiet spot for them. Most of our in-and-out traffic is through the back door. I tried photographing the humming birds yesterday through the window but since it was so dark in the room the flash ruined the pictures. I might try learning how to turn the autoflash off and try again.

Yesterday we had no less than 30 humming birds at the feeders. And at the same time probably 10 or 12+ finches at the back feeder. Man talk about noisy. The little guys in the front though were being awfully quiet.

Went to Petco yesterday on the way to get pellets. Actually it is farther than my pellet stop. Anyway, I picked up a huge bag of thistle seed and 2 "supersocks" which hold about twice as much feed as the socks in the pictures. Hopefully we are set for the winter.

I just checked and they are back at it again this morning. Not as many yet but you can hear them buzzin and singin already at daybreak.