Aol Video? Babylon5 Found! Full Episodes

Ok I guess I'm behind the times. I just found Babylon5 full episodes are available for free viewing at AOL Video.

We just started Season Two and it's every bit as good as Season1...the plot thickens. Thank You Santa!

The DVD's of course are better so we'll be watching those instead.


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I'll have to check this out at home. Of course it will probably not work outside of the US. :-(
You may have a point. I hate when I encounter that. I'd like to watch stuff on the BBC site in UK but no luck as of a couple of months ago. I hate when that happens. Good Luck getting it to work. I got the DVD's for $20.00/season so I couldn't afford to pass it up.
Babylon 5. Nice taste in entertainment. Add me as a neighbor. Hope to be seeing you around more on Vox. (that is.. if I can figure out this new beta version, holy s*** its confucing). -Gracie
I was shocked at the new look at first but it's basically the same so didn't take too long to get up to speed. After I get done with Babylon5, well likely move on to Torchwood. I already have the first season. Torchwood was introduced actually on Doctor Who of which also I have a decent collection of.
Doctor who is the most amazing show in the whole world. I love Torchwood too(actually, more in love with John Barrowman but anyhoo)but the one thing I noticed is that you have to know Doctor Who to really get the whole jist of torchwood. I am planning to buy season one of torchwood, and I have all three seasons of doctor who.
Ebay is a great place to get the old Dr Who stuff. Unfortunaely the studios threw out a bunch of the origional episodes to make room for newer things before they realized the market value. But lot's of it has been recovered from fans and tv stations that hung on to some of it.
The result is likely no one will ever have a complete collection of the 10 doctors. ,, and

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