One-Winged Eagle Flies Again

One-winged bald eagle named Osceola flies again - on a hang-glider.

I can't even imagine what it must be for an Eagle, born to soar in the heavens, to lose the ability to fly. Not far from my home, I have had eagles swoop across in front of my jeep, watched them swoop and pull fish from the lake, sit patiently atop distant treetops drawing respect from the world below them.

Fortunately, our symbol of Amercan Freedom, is no longer on the endanger species list.

Osceola represents the current state of our American Freedom. Even crippled, with a little help, Osceola can still fly and so can we as a nation.

The difference being, our broken wings can mend and we can fly again.  Forgoton words, " a Government For The People , and By The People" and " In God We Trust", can be spoken again. If said often, enough, and reach the right set of ears, maybe we can even believe it again.

But like Osceola, we need help, my help, and your help.