Yard Maintenace

Other than being a little cool outside, it's been good to get out in the yard. Friday I broke out the lawnmower and mowed down the alley and next to the house a bit. Using long extention cords, I weedwacked where I dare not go with the mower. Most of my neighbors seldom take tare of thier section of the alley.So I do both sides down past the neighbors property. Since I have to look at it...I take care of it.

My killing the Trees of Heaven efforts seem to be paying off. Since I haven't been out for a while in the yard, I was suprised not to find any popping up. The last storm, didn't cause much damage so at present, we won't have to burn this season again. Slowly getting to where the green waste can actually can handle the yard waste so we will have less trips to the dumps.

Part of my yard project, building a fence, even got some attention yesterday. I dug another post hole and sunk another post. I have one more I would like to set this weekend.

While digging the hole, I ran into lots of rocks and what appears to be an ancient drainline. So the hole itself took a little longer than anticipated. The post itself is a ittle unusual.

My vision is to create a small patio/privacy area between the house and where I am now parking my car. To get in and out of the parking area in a tight space, having the fence corner at a 90 degree angle would make it tougher to get in and out. So I decied I could cut the corner at a 45 degree angle. Since I'm using pre-made fence panels, I needed to come up with a way to do this.

After ton's of thought, which was spaced over a couple of months, I settled on the simplest solution using 4x6 posts instead of 4x4 like the rest of the fence. Yesterday I ran over to Home Depot and picked a couple of them up and cut a 45 degree angle off one of the corners in the table saw. The cut being wide enough to attach the fence panel. I suspect that this will actually not only work well but look realy good when it's completed. Certainly different than anyone else may come up with anyway.

After it warms up a bit, I'll probably set the second post and install the panel between them, later today.