We got a second dose...

We got a second dose of snow yesterday. Kept up most of the day into the afternoon. Looked fairly nice also when the sun came out late afternoon. In the morning I opened up the backdoor and let the camera run while I went back in closer to the fire. By the time I finally left to go fix a computer the sock was almost empty. What you see here pretty much went on all day.

Look close and you can see the curious humming bird checking out the video camera.

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We had a dusting of snow this morning here as well. Apparently, there were some pockets of snow and ice, thus causing the school district to delay school by 2 hours. Bah.
I remember as a kid, we used to have what was called "rainy day session". We got to go home early. Drove the parents nuts!
That's because there's no such thing as Snow Days in that part of California. ;)