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I remember when they had those elaborate "feature presentation" animations and the like. All the TV networks did them. Perhaps one of the coolest was the one for HBO, which took three months to put together in the 1980s.
I just saw that HBO one on Youtube the other day. It was really cool. Ive seen better and I've seen worse. The really cool ones are a bit out of my budget.
got a lot of catching up to do. I love the stdeader
Thanks...learning to use a different application is a pain. I needed to create something to start my dvd's with. SO I was kind of forced into it finally.
Always loved the drive in theater. Even with Mom and Dad. lol
That little bit is part of a drive-in series I am building slowly. I have tons of old drive-in footage of intermissions and stuff I am restoring. I have the first 7 minutes done for the first DVD. It is very time intensive.