Energy Saving Lightbulb - Say goodbye to incandescence

Another problem not addressed by this is that lamp shades do not fit over these bulbs. The video also mentions to double wrap a bulb in plastic bags so it doesn't leak mercury into the landfill. What happens when the plastic deteriorates in 10 million years. I thought we want to keep plastics out of the landfill if possible.

This is just one more example of the idiots running our country and thier ability to actually do so. Hey if you want everything green, I;ll sell you a bucket of green paint...don't get it in China because it's full of lead and I will be out of a good job and won't be able to afford $12.00/gal gas.

At least one congressmen spoke about this with a voice of reason!

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I hate the CFLs because they take forever to warm up to full brightness. And, of course, that small disposal problem.Make no mistake, though, the fuel prices are going to affect China and their exports here. It's making them more expensive. Maybe we'll see a return to traditional manufacturing jobs in America as a result.
What's even more amazing is we continue to do business with a country that exposes thier workers to hazards like mercury and lead, and could care less about addressing pollution issues the rest of the world observes.
Unfortunately the same legislatures who passed the incandecent clause in the so-called energy bill. mismanaged out economy so bad that China in essence owns part of this country indirectly through loans. Trade with them helps reduce or offset that loss so they say.
The fact that we are buying 25% of our refined fuel from foreign sources should seriously be looked at and soon. That money is a constant drain on the worth of the country.
Not one of the oil rigs in the gulf were damaged enough to cause an environmental disaster during Katrina. It's time for policy changes. We need more refining capacity, storage capacity, and sources for domestic oil. In addition to that we need more nuclear plants.
The private sector really doesn't need incentives or tax-breaks or subsidies to develop new technologies that will reduce our foreign dependancies and address our environmental concerns. If they see a buck in it...they will invest in it.
The guy that does it better makes the money.
Oil companies are like any other business. If you lock in on a product or service and develop a product and depend on that as your total source of income...eventually you will fail. I would bet that they are investing in development of other forms of energy just as a matter of survival. But the level they are doing this is dampened by the fact they pretty much have an ever growing income and aren't doing much more to get it.
Current laws have practically stiffled inovation and growrth to our domestic oil industry.