Santa Cruz Photo's 1860-1870

I ran across these photos by accident. I moved to Santa Cruz from the San Jose area when I was 16 and left in 1999 which is around 130 years after the photos were taken.

Lime works santa cruz

Main street santa cruz

Mission church at Santa Cruz

Salz tannery 1870

San lorenzo river

Santa cruz beach

Santa cruz sandy bluff

Santa cruz mission

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Aren't they wonderful. I love the sandy bluff one!!
I like all the pictures....don't see any people on the beaches, It got to where it would take 30 minutes to persuade tourists to let me back out of my driveway. I lived in the Santa Cruz area for 30+ years...still beautifull even thougj it's a zoo.
Hello Tech! thanks for the comment! If you apreciate phot,please, let me i recomend you
Thanks, I checked out the link and the photo didnt display but did visit the siteyou got it from. Lot's of cool photo's
Yes!! thats true! I knew that you would apreciate them :-)hugs
I used to live in Santa Cruz..only for two months, I lived in the Hostel there and a hotel on the beach five years ago and yeah, that looks like Santa Cruz, only without the people! Man, it is beautifull there. I've walked around that Mission area.. I'd forgotten what the cliffs look like. You don't get that here in Florida.
Santa Cruz is unique place. From East cliff drive, 41st avenue. Would love it back in that time. It just keeps getting more crowded. Thanks for the posting these pics.
I was in Santa Cruz several months ago visiting friends. The chinese restaurant that used to be out at East Cliff Shopping Center had moved to Capitola Road.
Sidewalks between Soquel and 7th! wow! Not to mention the Fishhook to 41st expantion.
When I moved thier I recall the farmhouse where Capitola Mall is. 41st liquors was there, BofA and Kings market and i thing the Standard station....but that was about it. Lot;s has changed in SC since that time...just like in the pictures.