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hi, I thhink mediatic campaign have a general tendencie to "make it heavier as times passes, You always stars with reason, but I slowly discover than reason is too often really not enough for human being (animals use instict)...So I notice what generally hapens :cigarettes, at first you just say maybe it's not healthy, but the marlboro cow boy is watching... and one day you have to put a disgusting photo on the pack, rises the prices, and use the law and punishment .So it hapens for speed limits on the cars!I'm waiting to see what will be the end of the story around the cellphones and their antennas ?I'm not shure Al Gore really worries about, He is film maker , his moovie was a success, commercial success. And I think he is one of the first to make money on that subject: personnally, I'm waiting for others, cause making money and spoiling everything around, maybe it's enough, and we cannot afford it anymore ?Like we cannot support anymore the consequences of cig smoke or deads (and broken ones) on the roads !making fun around al gore , remembers me of that Chinese sa: who cares about al gore ?