Happy New Year!

This one in peticular marks a milestone for me. It is exactly 10 years on this day at the stroke of midnight that I quit drinking. Yay me!

A few weeks ago my old cat Slim left for his last round-up at the ok corral. It was a fairly sad event in the household. The night before he was his usual self. We took him to the Vet and got a shot of cortizone which helped a little but only for a short time. He left us later that evening. He adopted me in 1999 when I moved to the area and was abandoned by the prior owner. He was mostly an outdoors cat but would come in at night and be sociable. Last year we took him to the vet and the x-ray showed he had some kind of lung disease. It went into remision with cortizone and anti-biotics. From the x-ray, it looked like he had had the condition possibly from the time he was a kitten, which pre-dates me. He never really exibited signs of problems until a couple of years ago when he got put on a specialized diet to prevent his kidneys from getting blocked. He just got to old ad weak to fight any more.

Last Sunday, the cat lady and I went to the local shelter and adopted a 12 week old kitten. I wish I could include a pic but he has been in hiding. We got him out the other night and put him on the couch and he lounged there for a few hours. Lexy was interested but basically ignored him. He's eating and using the box and i saw him this morning running to hide when I turned on a light.

We have suspicions that he is possibly deaf which adds to his tramma of abandonment and caging at the shelter with dogs constantly barking in the adjacent room. Then there is the new digs with a dog and strange people and new smells. We are just going to ignore him and make sure he is eating and doing his thing. He'll come around eventually.

Somebody named the cat KoKoMo which didn't seem to fit. A more appropriate name would have been Osama Bin-Laden the way he hides, but the cat lady decided on the name Simon. He looks in a lot of ways just like Slim but has blue eyes and cute as a bug.

Supposedly he is a Siamese Blue-point but he is white. One thing about Siamese cats I'm not fond of is thier voice. This one though is quiet as a mouse so far. I guess you could say Simon Says: zip!

So Happy New Year 

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Happy New Year! Sorry about Slim. Yeah, Cleo's days are numbered. All she does anymore is sleep and eat - which doesn't sound so bad, really - If I were old, that's what I'd want to do - along with the occasional Star Trek DVD - I'd be all set. She still goes to the door to get let out and then comes back to the door to get let in, but lately I've noticed that as soon as you close the door, she'll be already waiting to go the other direction. I'll assume that's because she didn't realize it was so cold, and not because she's just getting batty.
Slim used to go to the front door like he wanted to go out and you get there and he would change his mind and waltz you to the back door to get let out. Then jump on the security door or the bedroom window screen to get let in. Sleeping seemed to be most of what his energy got reserved for but he did catch a hummingbird a few months ago. Some things apparently don't matter how old you are.
Star Trek DVD's are definately in that category.