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Zilla you are too funny. Hey. An old high school friend of mine Googled me after no contact for 20 yrs!!! She lives in Fairfield. How close is that to you?My other friends are of course still in Quincy and they claim they cannot get broadband and I suggested they set up some kind of slingbox to get it somehow and make a zillion dollars. Can you think up some techzilla solution to getting them broadband? He has been a Mac guy for over 20 years (math teacher, what else). Happy New Year. Get us out of this recession!
Fairfield is around 3 hours south of me in kight traffic. Not right around the corner so to speak. I'm within 5 miles of Shasta Dam.
DSL may be available in some locations in Quincy. But the area is also fairly rural and not a huge population for any provider to want to put out the bucks to make it available for everybody. Part of that likely is also the demographics. There really is not a lot of money being made there.
Satellite is likely thier only option. They could contact HughesNet, WildBlue, StarBand and Skyway USA. With Skycasters or GroundControl, they could likely setup a business to resell some of the bandwidth to nearby homes wirelessly maybe,