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The BBC confirmed today that it will reveal the identity of the Eleventh Doctor as part of a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential to be aired on BBC ONE today, Saturday 03 January at 17:35hrs.

David Tennant is stepping down at the end of 2009. There will be no Season 5 until sometime in 2010 but to keep fans busy during 2009, there will be 4 specials aired on BBC One starring David Tennant.

The first special "Planet of the Dead" should air on easter according to the BBC website....too cool! It was looking like Doctor Who may be getting faised out. But apparently not yet.

On January 1, 2009 The BBC aired the "Doctor Who at the Proms" concert at Albert Hall. Unless you live in the UK then you can't watch it on-line but the torrent is already out. Simply an awsome show. I wish I could have been there.


Of course, security must be really lax in the UK!

Matt Smith

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I don't keep up with this show at all. I mean, in high school I watched it when there was an older Dr. Who who might have had some weird eye problem, but that's just me - I can't recall. Then some of the new ones had that singer who I listened to a couple of her songs before she was in the show, but I only saw one of those. How do they explain Dr. Who being different? Do they say he's changed, or is he a different Dr. Who on the show and everyone knows it?
The Doctor usually does something that brings him near to death and he goes through a transformation. Certain characters retain thier parts and he has to explain who he his and convince them by telling them things only the Doctor would know.
Usually the Doctor need to get back to the Tardis for the transformation to take place because of its link to his home planet Galifrey and the power the Tardis has. According to the story a Time lord can regenerate 12 times which leaves room for 2 more Doctors after Matt Smith the 11th Doctor we haven't seen yet.
The season 4 Doctor Who Confidential Special is already out from last nights broadcast on torrent. It talks about the transformations ans shows one of them.
I wish I did not have dial up then I could see some of this.I do have one question as to the possibility of a totally new Dr. Who. I mean not a regeneration of one that retains info of his past, but of a totally new Time Lord. I watch Dr. Who just enough to know about the transformation, but I do not remember if he is last of his people or if there could possibly be another Time Lord. I remember parts of an episode where the one companion with him (David Tennant's Dr. ) accidentally became a time lord ( not the blonde gal, the one after her the dark haired lady), but her human body could not handle it. See I remember just enough to show that I do not know much. Anyway I wonder if the appearance of a new Time Lord would give the show the ability to continue on well after the next 2 transformations. I would think that with as much of a following that this show has, the producers and writers would be mulling that option over for future use.
Donna one of the compaions became a time lord accidently. In the earlier Doctors series there were several time lords but one prominent one called the Master. he was an evil Time Lord. But in the New Doctor Who series he is the last of his kind.
I'm sure some creative writer could easily comeup with some miracle that would satisfy the die hards and everybody else wouldn't notice.