The Shy Cat and Lexxy update

The last couple evenings the new cat Simon has gotten a smidge braver. He must be getting lonely after two weeks of hiding and nocturnal behavior. The night before last he was peeking at us from side of the fridge. Last night he was laying on his side in full view of us and Lexxy from the side next to the fridge. He stayed there for quite some time washing himself. That's his two week+ progress.

I was out fixing a laptop for the people I got Lexxy from and gave them an update on her. They miss her of course. It seems that she used to chase of coyotes, buzzards, crows etc until they left the property. She litterally goes ape when one of the larger birds fly overhead and she sees it. Apparently, she also used to go into thier pond and snag a fish and come out and eat it. That explains her liking for anchovies and salmon roe.

Even the new cat doesn't like anchovies. The Cat Lady doesn't like anchovies either but me and Lexxy do...and we both like to go fishing.