Now's the Time to Invest!

OK so the government seems to think they can fix everything by printing money. That's what the bailouts are all about. Like I've said before, I'm no rocket scientist and certainly don't have all the answers, but when the government prints money, whatever money you have will have less buying power. In plain English, your dollar becomes less valuable,

I recall as a young boy, talking with a neighbor who had immigrated from Germany with his family. He told me it was so bad over there, he had to take a wheelbarrow full of money to the store to buy a loaf of bread. That's where we are headed with this bailout mentality our government has.

Unless your head is under a rock, you may have heard at one time how worthless the Mexican Peso was...I'm stressing WAS! check out the current exchange rates:

Anyone that thinks the government can fix anything isn't living in reality.

Government intervention and greed for tax dollars is exactly why we are in the fix we are in. The markets can correct themselves without any help. Proof in point is, all Obama has to do is announce an across the board tax cut. That means cutting corporate taxes, import taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, death taxes, sin taxes and so on. He doesn't even have to do it, just announce it. Within 24 hours the stock markets around the globe would soar!

Considering the odds of that happening with a Democratically (socialistc minded) controlled government, now might be the time to buy some Pesos. We are already 1 Trillion+ in debt and they want to double that. What that boils down to is fiscal irresponsibility. My grandkids grandkids aren't even born yet and they already have a looming debt to pay off...who's gonna be able to?

Call your Senators and say no to TARP Funds!