Random Act of Kindness

One of my clients operates a rescue ranch for horses and cashflow wise is kinda poor considering all the mouths that she feeds. The ranch is out in BFE, severelly run down, and they run a diesel generator and you have to walk up the hill to get a cell signal. No phone in the house. She does have a slow satellite internet connection and a big heart though.

Anyway, we just re-installed Windows and her trial security software is set to run out.

The other day when I was there to install a couple of optical drives under warranty (that is ending as we speak) I mentioned that in one of my newsletters that the first to correctly answer a question about a photo with President Bush in it would win $30.00 worth of software. I told her that If I won I would donate it. Needless to say, I was first and won.

The software is Vipre which I have a picture of on my blog on the right.


The Vipre engine uses less resources than other packages and uses a single engine to scan for viruses and spyware.