Morning Coffee Disaster Averted!


We have a nice Bunn 10-cup we have had for several years. No lights no joy! Ok well it was a simple fix...the vacation switch was off. It has a tank that pre-heats the water and the vacation switch is a master switch. The warming plate has a separate switch. I was getting ready to stimulate the economy. Fortunately I found the problem as my first cup of coffee really sucked and a new one at Wally World was $100 bucks I didn't really want to spend.

It takes about 15 minutes to preheat the water then you poar in more cold water and you have a hot pot in 3 minutes. Then after that since the tank is already hot, your only 3 minutes away from hot coffee.

The wonderful thing is it makes great coffee...either He-Brew or She-Brew. And we were just about to revert to instant...YUCK!