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Looks like my plan to keep working as a Temp and draw unemployment is working out. The company that recently took over my old employer has requested the temp agency to get job candidates to fax in signed forms for background checks and drug testing.

I faxed in my forms yesterday.

I also found out that the manager had recieved an email infoming him drug testing wasn't required for me. Not that worried me but it was nice to hear I was still considered a member in good standing. The next phase I suspect is to submit driver's licence and social security proof and a picture for the Id card I am supposed to wear while working. They already have a copy of my resume but likely I need to fill out a job application yet also to complete the package.

Hopefully, I will recieve a decent job offer and get my income levels back up where they belong. Chances are it will be decent since I have some certifications no one in this area has for the accounts the new company is inheriting. Having high recomendations from the old company and a good track record for perfomance and reliability is a definate asset in my favor.

No telling how fast all this will take though. My hope is prior to unemployment running out.

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That's great news. I hope they hurry it along.
Sounds like a complete mess working some place as a temp that got bought out by another place. Several of my co-workers are about to be in the same position.
The mess is with the contractual agreement with the temp agency and the one that got bought it's even worse. The company wants to hire me for another area but hasn't figured out how to do it yet. Currently, the new company is still maintainging a dual workforce. In my case, I need to basically serve two masters to get the call volume up...and is a problem.
I've been with the temp ajency long enough to get around the finders fee and applied for a position off Yahoo Jobs with the new company prior to the takeover. So it's not like they went looking form...I went looking for them.

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