Lexxy Says: Is nothing sacred?

Simon in Lexxy's Bed 2-18-09 Bedwars

Lexxy was fairly tolerant of the fact that Simon (who can sleep anywhere) was taking over her bed. She parked by the fire but you could tell she was confused that the cat was in her bed. I almost bought the cat a little bed the other day at TSC when I was buying dog treats prior to this. Tractor Supply Company is a great place to buy things in bulk like pet food. they beat the grocery store prices and have larger quantity bags. If you have one near you check it out. they have all kinds of things you wouldn't expect with thier name.

These two get along so well, we were half expecting Simon to actually climb in next to Lexxy but we were lucky just to get this shot. He was off to another adventure a few minutes later. This morning he was back showing interest again, so I imagine it will be some sort of bed war going on for a while.