CrossLoop Badge

Edit: This was originally a Flash embed or something. I simply took a snapshot of it since dad's obviously not going to be providing any service to anyone.

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You ought to look into SupportSpace also, which is a company a friend of mine is involved with that seems to offer a similar type of service.
Thanks. I'm waiting for a email verification to get signed up.
I did also serve on their advisory board when SupportSpace was first launched. It's run by good folks.
They have quite a sign-up process, which includes some sort of background check. Of course they have some of the same hype as Crossloop as far as leads go. So far I haven't recieved any paying leads from Crossloop, but have a few customers who pay for my services using it through my own efforts.
Most of the people I encounter are under warranty so I'm not always the first one called even though I encourage it by leaving a business card. Over time though I suspect I will remain busy and not have to go anywhere to make a living.
They're trying to take care of both sides: the people who provide the service as well as the people who need to be served. The background check serves as an authentication/screening layer ;)