ASUS Eee PC - Nightmares

I ran across these two articles this morning. While the Eee PC looks kind of cool. It appears to have problems. One of the big things is changing the OS to something usable and expandible to your needs and the changing times. Not something for the faint at heart! The Eee PC ships with a version of Linux installed....that's where the problem begins.

Taming the Wild Eee PC: Replacing the Operating System, Part 1
By A. Lizard

Taming the Wild Eee PC: Replacing the Operating System, Part 2
By A. Lizard

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Is there a reason it is undesirable to run an emulator like Wine from Xandros? I have one of the first EEEs and I love it. I admit I never switched the OS but with 512mb of memory and 4gb of flash disk space... why would I? I could put another flavor of Linux on it, I suppose.
When I bought the little guy, I was thinking "cheap, light and simple." It's tough as nails though. I had considered getting one for my mom.
According to this it works fine if you follow the wiki.
In the article the person reviewig the Eee PC stated that the ASUS repositories had limited software for updating. Also not being able to update to Firefox 3 was a problem for her.
My guess is that if you want anything other than basic net-appliance you ned anothe OS that is tweekable according to the authors ranting.